Singularity Test server – How to access and what goes on.

Singularity is a wonderful place. The items in-station are all seeded at a wonderful 100ISK each –  a fantastic place to brush up on combat skills and fittings.

But not everyone knows how to get there, or how to behave once there. So here we go.

Getting onto Singularity (or Sisi, as it’s often called) used to be a pain in the ass – you had to copy your original EVE folder, find the manual patch and change shortcut links. But NO MORE!

This forum thread contains a download for the Singularity launcher tool. Go download that. From there, it is a simple case of picking an install path, locating your normal eve client and putting all this into the install wizard.

The tool will then install Singularity and update it as necessary. You must use the tool to play!

How does Singularity work skill-wise? Well every so often CCP take the normal Tranquility (TQ) server and copy (or mirror) it onto the test server. This happens every few weeks. As such, if you just trained Interceptors on TQ you may not yet have them on the test server!

“But TG” I hear you say, “I want my uber l33t ships!” Well no fear! There is a solution. Once a week, CCP do mass-tests. These usually involve taking two large (100-200) fleets, jumping round and then meeting to fight. In return for participating, you get 2 million skillpoints to allocate the next day.

That’s right. 2 million skillpoints.

You can get more every mass-test (I hit 10million once before a mirror) and CCP will carry over a portion  (4 – 6 million max) after every mirror! A perfect chance to climb into big expensive ships and try them out!

Once you log into Singularity, you will probably be quite alone. This is because everyone who is everyone goes to the allocated “test system” – FD-MLJ. Here the market is guaranteed to be seeded at 100ISK, including faction ships, and there are beacons in-system for Free-for-alls – ranging in class from “Frigates only” to “Capital Ships”. There are also Beacons for Consensual combat only – anyone breaking that rule can be reported and may be banned from the test server.

Other important rules include;

1. No podding. Ever.

2. No bombs in FFAs!

3. No hoarding all the items and/or selling them back for a massive boost. You want ISK, you commit insurance fraud. (Seriously, self destructing 100ISK ships makes mountains of ISK)


“But TG, FD-MLJ is x jumps away!” Well, there is a channel called “moveme” which, once joined, can teleport you to the system. Be warned this channel is not always active, and it can sometimes be best just to shuttle your way there.

Other things going on on Singularity right now include;

  • New character creator – improved from the last test build!
  • New Neocom is available to test – you must opt-in through your “esc” options
  • Incursions – Some systems, including FD-MLJ, are currently under the effects of an incursion. Go test ships against Sansha!
  • New Group Weapons button – One click, insta-groups.

Got any questions? Post a comment! I will add any extra  information to this main section!

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