More Incursion testing and first FC

Bam! My 2 million free skillpoints arrives on Sisi, along with 2million carried over. What to spend it on…

“Incursion fleet in FD needing logi”

Ah, that’ll do. Up goes Caldari Cruiser 5, Gallante Cruiser 5 and the other necessary skills. Into the market I go and a few minutes later I am the proud owner of a Basilisk and Oneiros! Minus fits. Ah.

A few minutes later I have something workable despite only having logistics to level 2, so I undock and link up with a fleet.

FD-MLJ on the test server is currently a Vanguard-class incursion, meaning the sites are 5-10 people. In my previous attempts, we approached with overwhelming numbers. This time we kept to a few ships – 2 logistics with 8 DPS.

I’ve never flown logistics, but I know about capchains from my research and observations during mass-tests, other incursion runs and sitting on the FD station. Up goes a cap-pair, the DPS assembles and in we went.

Long story short; we won; no losses.

After the first site the FC logs and leaves me in charge, courtesy of me having the highest fleet skills (wing command 3) and I quickly establish a uniform tank across the fleet (we had a couple with armor), reorganise for bonuses and go again. We win – but faster.

We took the fleet to a couple more sites with equal success untill it was time for me to log for the time being.

Come this evening, I log in to find a fleet heading out to a nearby system which is an Assault-class – 15-20 men. I x up as a basi pilot and find myself in command of one of two wing, and then further command of the logistics squad. 21 men in all, 10 of which under my command. I’m in command of positioning and logistics and the other WC (the actual FC) is in command of targets.

We head out to MHC, losing a couple to Sansha gatecamps, and form up for the “Sansha Commander” site. The logistics consist of 3 basilisks, 3 guardians and a scimitar.

Gogo capchain!

As we’re preparing to go in, the FC (all leadership skills to 5) sits his command ship at a

planet and we use his alt in a Golem as the anchor for our capchain. Rather then pairing the

logistics off, we use a circular system due to the jamming Sansha.

We get the fleet through the acceleration gate and it seems to be going well at first. The capchain is established quickl- oh wait, one of the guardian pilots is cap chaining the wrong people! We yell a bit in the logistics channel but no response. We have no choice but to drop him and reform the chain slightly. -1 guardian for now.

The sansha hit hard, taking a lot of our ships to armor. About 1/4 of the fleet are not on comms so they don’t hear half the orders, and a bunch of people don’t understand what “broadcasting for reps” is, even after being told the step-by-step instructions. Argh!

I swap my watchlist to include those not broadcasting, and we start to make progress. The sansha cannot punch through our reps, and we are slowly eating away at them.

One of our Basilisks starts taking fire and we keep him at full shields but he panics and warps! What? We desperately attempt to reform the chain but I’m taken out by jammers while doing so and the logistics flounders for a precious few seconds. In this time, a new wave spawns right on top of a tengu and alphas it. The tengu pilot leaves fleet. Bah!

The jammers stop and I rejoin the cap chain, ordering the fleet to get their asses back in rep range as a few of them have burned to engage the Sansha snipers. Our missing basilisk warps back and rejoins the chain, and the original guardian pilot perks up and we get him back in too. Cap is good and the fleet is in good health. Finally, the last wave appears with the Sansha Commander.

Slave Heavenbound02 – currently a CCP actor in the TQ live events. Now an NPC.

We primary the commander, ignoring the rest of the massive spawn. The logistics are pressed to keep everyone alive – I burn out a shield module doing so, but Heavenbound dies under the concentrated fire and the remaining Sansha warp out.

Ka-ching. 26 million and 5k Concord LP.

All in all, a much more enjoyable experience compared to before. We knew what we were doing, we had it planned and we had the logistics to back it up. Best of all, we did it with the right numbers.

That’s it for now. I will try to record some footage next time!

Fly safe!

P.S. The tengu that exploded dropped faction modules – a rare sight on sisi. Strangely, the shield boosters were small. Explains why he got alpha’d I guess.

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  1. Small faction boosters are standard fit for pve tengus, due to cap and bonus 2smalls give more bang for buck then a single med.

  2. Thanks for the information! I’m rather inexperienced as far as Tengus (and other T3) go, so I was unaware of that. Will bear that in mind for the future!

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