Incursion site mass-tests

Here on the good old Singularity server, we do mass-tests. Usually this involves forming 2 fleets of 150+ people and jumping round and eventually fighting in order to test server performance.

Yesterday and today we tried incursion sites.

What. The. Fuck. CCP.

tl;dr here: Rewards too low, expected fleets too low, difficulty too high, fucking Sansha.

The first day (Friday) was a play-test organised by CCP devs for the Headquarters Sansha site. This involves the Revenent Sansha super-cap.

Suddenly Logistics!

We spent about 30 minutes forming a fleet, resulting in about 50 people and then about 10 logistics and in we went.

The DPS ships land on field, targets are called and we start to hammer into the Sansha ships. We lose a couple ships as the logistics set-up from jumping in, and a few more as the Sansha concentrate fire beyond the RR capabilities of our fleet.

The sansha are smart. Kiting logistics ships hurt down our DPS, ECM is hurting our logistical capabilities badly and snipers are hitting us from 100km or so. We’re taking losses but slowly clearing the field.

Then more spawn. Not the “50 MOAR BS” spawns of the Live Events, but 4 BS with a couple cruisers and frigates. Which is pretty much equal to the old “50 MOAR BS”. We falter but the logi pilots do an excellent job. My fail-tank goes down a couple times but I am quickly saved following an armor broadcast. Through the explosions, a Sansha Revenant appears on field.

I hate fighter-bombers

“Does the Sansha Capital use fighter-bombers?” I hear you ask. Well, it does. But they don’t appear as normal drones.

A group of new ships appear. I assume they are frigates, but a call on comms puts me in the wrong. These are the Sansha fighter-bombers and they hurt.

I haven’t got the logs, but these things are hitting for 1000 a hit with resists. They start tearing through some of the lesser-tanked ships with ease and it turns out they are damn hard to kill as well. The Revenant is slowly going down and we eventually make it, the Revenant destruction causing the other Sansha to warp off.

Not bad. Reward? 45mil? What? Some people lost 100mil+ ships in seconds. T3 cruisers went down before they could even broadcast. This is top-end and we get 45mil? 10k Concord LP negates it a bit though.

Today we had a normal Sisi mass-test and we then fragmented the two fleets into smaller fleets to test incursions. Well, I say “we then fragmented” but I really mean “some of us fragmented, and the rest took 70 people to a 40-man incursion”.

We didn’t have CCP, but we had numbers. We didn’t know the site (this one wasn’t Headquarters, some other one) and the Sansha had 100% control of the system, meaning we’d suffer heavy damage and resist penalties. We have about 11 logistic ships to help counter that.

Right, fleet ready. In we go.

It’s as mental as before but there is no Revenant. Good. We start taking heavy damage. Not-so-good. Targets are called and reps are broadcasted. One by one we take out the Sansha ships. Once they reach about 6 ships, more spawn. We attack them.

After 40 minutes, we deduce that in order to complete this incursion, we need to move an item (size 7,500m3) from one container (90km from warp-in) to another one (10km from first container) in order to allow us to attack a Sansha Battletower (100km from warp-in).

Super-awesome diagram!

See my handy paint diagram for more.

Anyway, once we figure that out we encounter another problem. How the fuck do we move a 7,500m3 object? Anyone bring an iteron? How about a tractor beam? Nope? Thought so.

To add to the issues, getting a hauler 90km across a battlefield where the enemy enjoy target switching is no small feat. Thankfully, a pilot in the fleet, Calando, has the idea of a jet-can bridge. Hurray! The items start getting moved.

Battle-wise it’s not looking great. We’ve lost a few logistics and we estimate our total losses at about 20 ships – 1/4 of what we brought in. People re-fit and come back but it’s valuable time gone.

Eventually we can attack the tower. Tough shields make our job hard; we can’t crack its repairs, so we pull ALL DPS onto it. It starts falling but the Sansha keep spawning.

Some half-hour later and we’re in the shit. The tower has hit structure but doing so spawned more Sansha on top of the already spawning ones. Quick estimates puts the fleet at 1/3 total despite our valient logistics. Speaking of which, we have 3 left; ECM killing off most. My attention is diverted by my 59k hp buffer armor tank dropping from 100% to 50% within a few seconds and the logistics can’t rep that fast. I watch my structure fall, waiting for the insurance notification. Then the damage stopped. The Sansha had switched targets. Ignoring the fire and the “14%” structure notification, I overheat my railguns at the tower. 90% Structure. 85%. 80%. We’re losing ships.


I still don’t know if its a bug or intended (test server and all) but the station was suddenly at full shields, armor and structure. Our “item-mover” says there’s still 5 of the items in the necessary container. WTF. We are down 3/4 of our fleet. That’s it. We’re done.

Call is put out to align. 2 minutes later, we warp.

Estimated losses; 3-4 billion ISK. Even if we had won, our 60-70 man fleet is above the 40-man recommendation so our reward would have been about 20mil each.

What the fuck CCP. I had fun and all, but on the test server it’s fine to die since everything is 100ISK.

You put that on the main server and heads are going to roll. Likely ours. A loosely-organised fleet essentially got slaughtered. Imagine the completely disorganised mobs of high-sec.

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  1. I was there in my Cynabal. The target switching was insane, I had two frigs that had totally locked me down, jammed, neuted and webbed. My shields went down, my armour buffer began to drop.. and they stopped, just unlocked me and started on someone else.

    It was lots of fun though 🙂

    Fly Safe

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