BTEK – Not for me?

I’ve been with Brightstar Technologies for a while now (2 months) but the corp always seems a bit dead to me. I always get the impression the other pilots (mainly industry or mission runners) tend to shun me due to my divergent tactics; “one minute ninja, next mission runner” as one put it. One particular corpmate (an excellent pilot, by the way) expressed extreme dissatisfaction at my decision to cross train to Minmatar and Caldari ships as well as Gallente, viewing it as a “waste of time” which could be spent training for something like T2 guns or perhaps a mining barge.
Perhaps someone who shuns mining doesn’t belong in a primarily industry corp eh?
So today I am considering leaving this corp. The pilots are good and the corp is good but we seem out of sync.
It’s just that searching for a new corp is never an easy task.
After todays DT, I shall be entering corp stasis and will make my decision tomorrow. I have an old corpmate from when I started the game who keeps inviting me to nul-sec. Maybe. We shall see.
Fly safe.

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