Sansha Sansha Sansha!

The live events used to be a “we don’t know the next attack time nor place” situation. People would hang out in a couple of intel channels waiting for word of an attack being discovered. Turnouts would be low and/or disorganised.

Not today.

Word was recieved a few days in advance of a Sansha attack on three systems; Imya, Anyed and Antem, with Antem being a lowsec system.

2 hours before the attack time of 20:00, the FCORD fleet begins to assemble. People are taken from both the “synepublic” and “live events” channels and, bar a few fleet problems, we soon have a fleet of 200 people. The fleet is a bit of a mess, but the commanders do a good job of sorting what we have into wings and squads, assigning boosters accordingly.

At 19:50, we hear reports of a CVA fleet moving to counter the Sansha in Antem. This saves us the hassle of losing half our fleet in a trip to low-sec, so we go with it.

The fleet waiting on gate.

Eventually the fleet forms up in Imya and waits while the scouts run about checking the planets. A couple of other smaller fleets join us in system too, bringing the local numbers to around 400.

Finally, we get word of Sansha at Planet X and we fleet warp there.

Bam! We land on grid to be meeted by 30-40 Sansha battleships. FC calls targets and within seconds there’s only a scant 6 battleships remaining. And then they dissapeared. The wormhole with them. Wha-?

My squad en-route.

[ 2010.12.05 20:04:42 ] Slave 32152 > Evolving tactics.

Shit. Diversion. The scouts tear off and multiple sansha forces are reported at severa; planets in system. Almost simultaneously, Sansha fleets are reported in both Anyed and Antem. Early reports indicate CVA engaging the Antem Sansha so we could ignore them for now.

The fleet splits into its 5 wings and we scatter hoping to meet them on all fronts in this system. After 10 minutes of frantic fighting, the fleet regroups on the Anyed stargate and we jump through to assist the locals in Anyed who are having trouble. Sansha deploy hundreds of Battleships to meet our own massive fleet and all hell breaks loose above a planet.

It was a bit mental.

We had scout reports coming in everywhere. Sansha carriers on d-scan. Probers desperately searching. Reps being called, more Sansha deploying. Continuous updates of the other two systems. Carrier found in Imya, more battleships deploying an- wait, carrier?

We wipe the floor with the remaining Sansha on field and haul ass back to Imya, only to land the fleet on field as the carrier is wiped out by the other fleets still here. Damn.

There was a carrier here somewhere...

Then a carrier pops up in Anyed, so we go back there and wipe the S.O.B. off the map.

Well, we tried to but it jumped out with 60% hull. Bugger!

Sansha forces are eventually reported annihalated in both high-sec systems. But what of the low-sec system?

“Sansha super-carrier on field at Sansha POS! All locals are engaging!”

Right then. A quick scout of the jump in reveals no gatecamp. It’s irrelevent anyways, as our 180-man fleet jumps through at once. The scout gets in with the CVA fleet and we warp into the battlesite.

So. Many. Ships.

CVA one side, us another and a 3rd low-sec corp (40-man fleet) on a 3rd front, the Sansha

ships are quickly annihalated and only the supercap remains. CVA carriers begin to appear on grid and we come to  the conclusion that the moment that SC dies, those ships are a potential threat to us. We bail.

As the fleet reaches the high-sec gate we hear that the Sansha SC has jumped away with 50% shields. Pirate ships start to appear on the gate and we haul ass through and call it a night.

Chaotic, fairly disorganised (I’d hate to have seen it without our brilliant fleet commanders), and exceedingly fun. Being in a 200+ man fleet is insanely awesome due to the sheer complexity of it all and I look forward to similar events in the future.

Particuarly the Sansha diversions. That fucked us up.

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  1. Sounds like a blast. What Faction Warfare should have been but ultimately wasn’t.

  2. Yeah, my experience of FW was nothing like this unfortunately.

  3. However, RP-wise, we lost 😦

    Good fun though 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fun time, I need to get in on some of those fleets when they come up closer to where I live.

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