All hell breaks loose on SiSi

By SiSi, I mean the Singularity test server.

Why has hell broken loose? Last night everyone training a skill on the test server at midnight got 5,000,000 SP free to allocate as they wish. Atop this, CCP also removed the learning skills and reinbursed the SP. This left myself with 8 mil ‘free’ SP in total, others with more, others with a bit less.

Another contributing factor was the (in)famous market on the test server. Normally, a large number of stations throughout the universe are ‘seeded’ with 10,000,000 of every (except faction and super-caps) type of item sold at 100ISK. On the last SiSi update, this was borked. The items were still seeded, but sold at 10,000,000 times the price.

Except for one system; FD-MLJ. This system is considered the “hub” of SiSi and the market here was seeded correctly. Everyone piles into the system – approx 500 people average in local.

500 people with 5mil+ free sp and basically free items? Out came the capital ships.

The undock of the seeded station in the system is unrecognisable from before. Where a capital ship or two may occasionally roam, there is now no less than 10. Where there used to be 6 or 7 sub-cap ships idling, there was now dozens.

And then the titans. Oh the titans.

The blobfest

The FD MLJ station. Early on.

Normally, titans are not part of the SiSi seed (since they can’t dock) but today they were. Well, the Ammar (avatar) and Caldari (Leviathon) titans were anyway.

Cue a bazillion sisi-noobs people buying titans.

Normally, you aren’t supposed to engage outside pre-designated areas. That went to hell. Every man and his dog had used the SP for cap-ships, and they were making use of them. Carriers and cynos everywhere. Doomsdays left, right and center. I got DD’d 3 times in half an hour while trying to warp after undocking – that is no hyperbole.

Eventually I bite the bullet and spend my own SP on going for a Thanatos. I made it easily with SP to spare.

Oh. My. God.

I love this thing. Tank? Awesome. Drones? Amazing. (I have 400 hobgoblins in there!) Fighters? Fucking kick-ass. (They follow people!) Ability to jump? Sweeeeet. Ship maintenence array? Oh heck yes. (Kept a Noctis in there for quick salvaging!)

Simply put, this thing was impressing me in every way. My main qualm is with needing a cyno to jump – I understand most people use an alt – but fortunately plenty of people were about with their new capships so cynos were commonplace. I joined another new carrier pilot and his cyno alt for a level 5 mission which we roll over.

After a day of larking about with my new toy(s), I joined a fleet in local. 50-60 people, all caps. In FFA2 (Capital ships)? “Yeah sure” I thought. “Let’s see what this can do”

In my experience, I have never seen such a warzone. Ever. I thought the station was bad. I thought FFA2 would be the same as it always is – 5 or 6 capships fighting.

What I was not expecting was no less then 70 wrecks, in between which about 70 more capital ships were fighting. I lock up the primary and send out ze fighters. We bring in dictors to shut down their warp attempts and proceed to whittle down their triaging carriers. I say “their” because eveything not in our fleet had to band together to avoid getting alpha’d. I keep forgetting my fighters follow what does warp away and have to keep calling them back. Reps are needed everywhere, I nos whatever is close and use my brand new Capital RR armor modules to keep some guys alive. Occassionally I draw in the fighters and send out 9 RR drones instead. The battle is frantic and incredibly fun. 12 kills or so later courtesy of our fleet titans and their DoomsDays, I finally get primaried and finished off with an enemy Doomsday. I decide to call it a night.

In summary; the SiSi rules went to hell, capital ships outnumbered sub-cap 3 to 1 and SUDDENLY TITANS.

Good fun though.

P.S. I’m training for amarr stuff on Tranquility for lazerz. Totally worth it so far.

Come on, this ship is sexy!

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  1. I was soo there. I spent all my sp on t2 guns, t2 frigs and t2 cruisers. Bring on recons, hacs, assault frigs, EA (electronic attack) frigs, bombers and t2 autocannons 🙂
    The rapier is epic, warp cloaked and 30km t2 webs. We put together a t2/3 cruiser gang and went around killing everything in the BC and under ffa’s, including no less than 3 pairs of logistics.

    Hope to see you on there at some point 🙂

    Fly safe

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