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Wormhole Engineers; Now recruiting

Update: WHEN is still recruiting, but I am no longer in the corp. The post stands, though!


The time has come for us to bump up recruitment a bit at Wormhole Engineers. Normally we’ll accept recruits when asked, but we’re seeking to up our numbers a bit more than usual. Ideal would be 2-3 more active  pilots. The more the merrier.

So, who are we?

We’re a wormhole corp. Duh. We live in a Class 5/Class 4 with no wormhole effects. We do PvE in the form of Capital Escalations in our C5, with site running in C4s. We also do small gang PvP, with small meaning “1-15″. check out our killboard if you’re into that stuff.

We’re rather free form. Want to mine gas? Shoot people on trips into lowsec? Roll the static? Go for it. All we ask is that you actually participate if shit does down. As a result of the relative freeform, expect it to be quiet at times. Do not expect 24/7 activity, or being ordered to do things when things are slow. EVE is a sandbox, and you should be able to find something to do. If that involves suicide ganking in highsec, then go for it!

What do we need from you?

Firstly a few personal requirements;

UPDATED: We need you to be in the European Timezone. We’re talking 1800-2200 EVE. Sorry Americans guys, our US crowd is fine.

We are now recruiting for all timezones. 

We need you to be able and willing to join Mumble as voice comms. Voice communication is key in wormhole space. If you’re unwilling to talk, you must be able to listen at a minimum.

We need you to fit in. It’s hard to say in advance if that’s possible, but in wormhole-space every person counts and someone we can’t trust and get along with is someone that is no good to us. You need to be able to take a joke or two, learn from mistakes, commit ships to battles and bide your time when things are slow.

We need you to have prior PvP experience. We’re not talking 5 years of constant fights, but you need to know how to kite, how to tackle, how to follow targets and which way to point your ship. We don’t need a certain number of kills, but proof of combat is recommended.

We’d like you to have prior wormhole experience. Not a lot, just enough for the basics (bookmarks, rolling statics, wormhole types). If you don’t have these, don’t worry. We can teach as you go, but it does help if you have the knowledge beforehand.

Now onto character skills/ships.

You need to have a Tech 3 Cruiser, or at least have the skills for one. Ideally you’ll want a Proteus/Loki for scouting/combat and a Tengu for PvE. We can provide exact fits, but that’s the gist.

You need to be capable of fielding Armour DPS ships for PvP. Should be easy.

You need to be able to scan. Basic skills at worst, but you need to know how to find a target or signature.

That’s it. No SP requirements.

How do you join?

You’ll need to go through a standard application process with one of our directors. This usually just involves a form and an interview. Please contact Riyusone Haro, Zerund or Mick Straih in-game. Alternatively, join the “Basket” in-game channel and have a chat there! Alternatively if you have more queries or want more details, contact myself (tgl3) as well.

What happens when I join?

We get you a route into our wormhole and you bring in the ships you’re happy with. We’ll set you up in our new tower where you’ll have your own hanger division to minimise theft. We’ll fly with you, talk to you and get to know you during the first couple weeks. If you feel you don’t fit in, we get you out safely. If you’re a bad fit, we let you know and help you move out. No harm done. We’ll train on the fly, introduce you to our tools and teach you some extra mechanics if you’re relatively inexperienced. Hopefully, you’ll stay and become a valuable member of the corp. Fingers crossed.

Intermission; RvB takes on Brave Newbies

There are 3 sets of very large alliances in Lowsec and Highsec. Red vs Blue and EVE University have massive numbers in Highsec, and Brave Newbies have staggering numbers in Lowsec. RvB has been at war in the past with EVE Uni, so there was only one thing to do when they felt a large outside brawl was needed.

Upon hearing RvB had declared war on Brave Newbies for a week, I decided to temporarily drop WHEN for the weekend. Fortunately, CCP have made it so you don’t have to wait 24 hours to drop corp.

Grabbing only a Myrmidon, I burnt over to the deployment zone near the BNI HQ of Rahadalon. A Taranis was quickly bought, a fleet quickly joined and battle swiftly commenced.

Death to ECM

Death to ECM

As the fight progressed, BNI found logi in the form of an Archon they had undocked, so RvB undocked a Thanatos.


Also death to damps

A Neutral Revelation soon undocked and engaged our Thanatos, but BNI refused to shoot it. Alts ahoy! By the time a Chimera came out for them we decided to bail the field and docked our own carrier.

We skirmished round the system for the rest of the evening, briefly dropping on a BNI noctis trying to salvage the field as well, before I called it a night.

Day 1 – EVE Kill report

The next day saw a lot of chest-beating on both sides. BNI were cowards who wouldn’t undock, whereas RvB isn’t real PvP because both sides have a chance. You get the idea. BNI and RvB both dropped large fleets on the BNI undock individually, but never at the same time…


Fweddit had shown up with a fleet of Talwars, but we had a hard time catching them untill we caught them at a belt by accident and managed to knock them off field. We  managed to get BNI to undock into us, but the battle was over rather quickly.

Yes, the Chimera docked.

Yes, the Chimera docked.

RvB first fleet warps into the engagement zone

RvB first fleet warps into the engagement zone

Finally, the evening arrived. A Saturday evening, to be precise. What happens on Saturdays? Ganked roams. So where did Mangala bring us? Rahadalon of course.

I was late to the party. I logged in to hear our fleet was in Rahadalon and the field was a clusterfuck. I jumped in a Merlin, jumped into Rahadalon, warped to a fleet member and… yup.

Bottom left; BNI in their POS.  Upper right, the TEST Talwar fleet

Bottom left; BNI in their POS. Upper right, the TEST Talwar fleet

The ensuing fights lasted about 4 hours, with TEST, RvB, BNI, PL and CVA all getting invoved, so here’s some various screenshots.

2013. 2013. 2013. 2013. 2013.

We also engaged a Fourth District fleet next door, killing a few shinies.

Eventually the fights fizzled out, so here’s the EVE-Kill for the day.

RvB vs E-Uni – University POS goes down

There’s a bit of a lull in w-space today, but I’ve found something to entertain me.

Red Federation and Blue Republic have declared a joint war on EVE University. The 3 biggest corps in High-Security space are now in all out war. I should indicate that since I have many friends in RvB who pass me intel and killmails, most of this reporting will be from he RvB viewpoint. Not a lot I can do about that! If any Uni pilots want me to add their Point of View or screenshots, let me know!

The reason for the war? As far as I know, RvB did it for the explosions. That’s literally it. The war was declared on Valentine’s Day and came into effect on Friday afternoon.

Day 1

RvB had started the war by moving vast quantities of ships into the Uni HQ system of Aldrat. Several thousand have been moved up for RvB contracts and reimbursement. Thus as soon as the war went live on Friday RvB were already in a rather large Purple horde – some 100 pilots in fleet. Small skirmishes occurred throughout the late afternoon, but both sides were yet to wake up as it quickly entered EVE primetime.

RvB then took it upon themselves to engage the Uni’s POS tower in Aldrat. This tower has some infamy inside RvB – twice they had attacked it in previous wars, only to be beaten back at the last moment. EVE Uni had already removed the valuable items and placed it into full defence mode – lots of hardeners with a good mix of ECM and defensive guns. So RvB dropped a 130 man fleet on it. Uni responded in kind by meeting RvB head-on with a large fleet of their own. This initial clash resulted in the predicted explosion of over 100 vessels with the field going to RvB by the time the smoke cleared. No direct killboard link due to battle reports being warped by the nature of the fights.


The siege in progress

Not to be defeated so easily, Uni decided hit and run tactics would work better and launched raid after raid, primarily with Destroyer fleets, inflicting multiple casualties on RvB in the process. Tier 3 gangs also managed several kills before being driven away. Uni then quietened down for an hour before launching a second large assault. Despite putting up a good fight, the RvB forces were too well entrenched and Uni found themselves driven away.  Not too long after, the inevitable happened.

POS goes into Reinforced

POS goes into Reinforced

The EVE-Uni POS hit 25% shields and entered reinforce mode. It’d exit in 22 hours – right in Saturday Night primetime. This seemed to spur the Uni fleet into action as their largest fleet yet – multiple Battleships, Battlecruisers, 4-5 Basilisks and a swarm of Ospreys as Logistics support – and launched it into the RvB fleet in a fight above Planet 1.

Uni engage RvB over Aldrat I

Uni engage RvB over Aldrat I

Yes, I was in the RvB fleet. How else would I know where to go for screenshots? There is no battle report again, because the BR’s merely show the whole night. However, this RvB loss and this Uni loss give good indicators of fleets involved.

RvB managed to hold the field against E-Uni and that saw the end of the major action in the EU timezone for the day. Smaller skirmishes occured throughout the night, but nothing on the scale of the last fight. There was a 30-minute brawl of constant reships on the Uni’s station too

HERE is the overall kill report of the first day. Professor Clio of RvB did a writeup of day 1 here too.

Day 2

The Uni POS comes out of reinforcement shortly and RvB are gathering a fleet rarely seen in highsec. 240 people are in the fleet 20 minutes before the reinforcement timer ends – over 60 of them Battleships. As the RvB fleet grows in number, so too does the Uni fleet. Most of them appear docked, but a good 100+ are sat in their POS waiting. Local is over 750 – unheard of outside the market hubs. Tension is rising across Aldrat.

15 minutes.

The RvB fleet is full at 255 members. An overflow fleet is created and it’s this one I find myself listening to comms with, awaiting the perfect moment to try actually figure out who will win. As the timer ticks down, more Uni pilots warp into their POS.

5 minutes.

The RvB fleet warps to the edge of the POS shields. Any outlying Uni ships are quick to retreat as even more arrive from their Station. 250 pilots on each side stare each other down (the RvB Overflow fleet was elsewhere)


The POS becomes vulnerable as RvB opens fire onto the shields.

Faceoff in Aldrat

Faceoff in Aldrat

The seconds tick by. The neutrals on site hold their breath, waiting for Uni to make their move.

They do.

The Uni fleet mass warps to the Sun – behind the RvB fleet. They’re going to drop in behind them – a simple, yet effective, tactic – it allows the Uni fleet to position their Logistics ships away from the dangerous RvB Battlecruisers.

The Uni fleet land and all hell breaks loose.

The fleets engage

The fleets engage

The Uni Logistics, landing some 30km behind their main fleet, are quickly landed on by the RvB Overflow fleet and are quickly taken out the fight. Tidi kicks in as over 500 pilots enter one of, if not the biggest, fight in High Security space in EVE’s history.

Blue are RvB. Orange are Uni. Most are drones anyway

Blue are RvB. Orange are Uni. Most are drones anyway

The RvB Logistics team kicks into high gear

The RvB Logistics team kicks into high gear

The fight rages for almost 20 minutes as Tidi swings as low as 25% in places. Finally, the remaining Uni ships disengage and retreat into warp or into the POS shields. The result?

E-Uni got hammered. RVB suffered very few losses and the Uni Logistics ships were decimated early on in the brawl. TEST alliance then dropped 6-7 smartbombing battleships onto the RvB fleet but were promptly CONCORDOKKENED


Once again, Professor Clio of RvB did a writeup on Day 2 here. There’s an E-Uni Logi Member’s thoughts here too!

The final result of Day 2?


Will the war continue? Possibly. I’m looking forward to seeing the next fight.

As usual, if you want me to add anything (or correct a mistake) let me know in a comment or in-game at tgl3.

Wormhole Engineers

So I finally made it out of the Evaluation corp for Wormhole Engineers.

Now will someone please remind me how to scan?

RvB: Why I should stop engaging Tornados

Throughout this week, I’ve been patrolling the Blue HQ system of Liekuri in my little Incursus of doom. Avoiding blobs whilst trying to to engage without a cruiser or above on the undock (which could just alpha me) has been possibly the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in EVE, and my failure has been showcased by the fact that before last night, despite 5 days in RvB, I had not yet lost a ship.

I’d killed a few, sure, usually in a two-man gang with one of Red’s main solo pilots; Patrick Kasper. The highlight of our little gang was probably a 2v2 against 2 other Red pilots in frigates, which were both rather close. I’d post the mails, but I can’t seem to find them.

Most of my attempts to engage on the undock were met with some rather larger ships.


Eventually I see a lone Kestrel frigate on the undock, with a Thrasher destroyer some 30km away. “I can kill this guy and try to avoid the Thrasher” says my stupid brain.

So I engage the Kestrel, knocking it to low armour before he starts shield boosting. By this point, however, the Thrasher has landed on my arse courtesy of a MWD and is happily attacking me.

Reps go into overheat as I swap my scram onto the Thrasher and pulse an overheat on my Afterburner to try and break range. It succeeds, probably because the Thrasher messed his piloting, and I’m soon 20km from him. I’m still pointed though, so I recall my brave Warrior II and start de-agressing. By this point however, a couple of Merlins are now giving me funny looks.

This Incursus needs a better heat vent system

I re-overheat the Armour Repair systems, and am silently glad none of the Blue pilots have Energy Neutralizers. My armour starts playing ping pong, with structure damage slowly accumulating, especially now the Thrasher is back on me at 0 and I’m webbed.

At half structure, I manage to finish the minute of de-agressing and dock. No kill for me, but I’m satisfied I denied them one too.

Patrick then reports a Tornado 100km off a gate in system, so I swap to my trusty Nemesis – designed (but never used) to decloak smack bang on top of these types of snipers.

Of course, all plans that are good on paper are never good in reality. The bouncing-bookmarks to land on the Tornado? That worked FINE.


Of course, what did not work fine, was the Tornado being dual-web fit. Or having 220mm Autocannons. Did I mention I was in a relatively paper thin Nemesis?

Yeah that ended well.

Fortunately, brave Patrick is in a much less fragile Merlin and, with the help of an unfleeted Dramiel which burned out to us, avenged my loss by destroying the Tornado.

Op success, but as per my little internal rule, I can’t replace the Nemesis. I need to lose more ships before I can return to the Wormhole.

Fortunately, this weekend in RvB is “Frigatus Weekend” which basically means “Frigs only, fleets to have a maximum of 10, everyone not in fleet (incluing corpmates) are free targets”.  Could be fun!

ALSO Ganked 30 is tonight, and the fleet theme is “Kitchen Sink”. So bring whatever. Mangala isn’t even the FC tonight, instead replaced by Green Gambit. Meetup in Rens.

Show up.


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